RTI-TASS COMPLEX: Phase II – Billets Building

Project Details

Owner: Utah National Guard
Date of Completion: March, 2015
Contract Amount: $1,495,000
Contracting Company: Jacobsen Construction
Contact Name: Paul Lawrence

Phone Number: 801.949.5979
Estimator & Project Manager: Josh Kitt
Architect: Nexus Architectural
Project Delivery Type: Plan/Spec

The Regional Training Institute TASS Complex is a 52,935 sq. ft. billets residents for Camp Williams. The building was designed and built for LEED Silver certification; this is still currently in progress. A few of the point assigned to achieve the certification were; light pollution reduction, on-site renewable energy, measurement and verification, construction waste management, and controllability of the lighting systems. The facility has 78 new individual rooms and 36 beds in the open bay quarters. The facility is designed to house National Guard members during training, while at the Bluffdale, Utah facility. The building receives power from a 2500 Amp 120/208 volt service fed from the campus medium voltage loop. Each floor is equipped with a Laundry area, and community lounge area. As with many of the building on base, this is a full CMU with additional safeguards and security measure to add to the sustainability of the building.

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