Why Choose Taylor Electric for Your Next Project?

At Team Taylor, we honor our reputation as a premier commercial electrical contractor in Utah.  We provide excellent customer service and are commended for being on time and performing dependable, quality work no matter the size or scope of the project!

Our values underscore two important groups – our customers AND our team.

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Strength of our TEAM
  • Good collaboration with the general contractor and other subcontractors is at the forefront of each project. Working together as one organized team makes the job not only run smoother, but by working to each team member’s specified strengths, we can increase efficiency and obtain the best possible project outcome every time. Communication is paramount for the entire project team. With collaboration meetings and constant contact regarding the progress of the job, we keep communication strong so that nothing can slip through the cracks.
  • We make sure to maintain our long-standing relationships within the industry while continuing to build new ones. The more connections that we can make.
  • The team that is assigned to each project is well thought out. We have the manpower necessary to provide the best team for each specific job. We will play to the strengths of each of our individual team members and assign them to the job where they will be the most beneficial.
  • Here are some of the friendly faces of Team Taylor.
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  • Taylor Electric was founded in 1975 by Jerold Taylor and has since cemented its place as one of the premier electrical contractors in the state of Utah.
  • Our foundation is made up of hard-working dedicated individuals who take pride in being a key asset to the success of the business and the overall team of construction professionals.
  • While we look to the future of the industry and where it is headed in terms of continuing technological advances, we stay rooted in the “old school” principals that got us here.
  • With an extensive portfolio of experience and many long-standing relationships within the industry, our reputation proceeds us.
  • We will maintain this reputation by continuing to do things the “Taylor Way”.
  • We take advantage of any opportunity to improve our process and the final product.
  • We will continue delivering the highest quality service and product possible, while being on-track with the schedule and staying within the budget.
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Innovation / Change
  • At Taylor Electric we utilize new technology in any way that we can. We want to be on the brink of the next big thing. We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. This is apparent in constant use of BIM modeling and our Virtual Design Construction use on our projects.
  • The Virtual Design for Construction department at Taylor Electric is a highly collaborative team. With-in our company we work with the PM, Foreman, Field Crews, Expediting, and Pre-fab teams. We also work with project BIM teams, consisting of designers, modelers, general contractors, and sub-contractors outside the company.
  • We primarily use REVIT and CAD, along with Bluebeam to create the details. Check out what our VDC team is up to!
  • Prefabrication is becoming more essential to every project that we do. Check out the process!
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  • No matter the stakes, quality is one aspect of our service that will never be forfeited. Cutting corners to get things done at a faster pace or ordering product that does not meet our high-quality standard to lower price will never be acceptable options.
  • We stand behind our work. We want to give our customer something that is going to last and that will be used for many years to come without any arising issues.
  • We ensure a quality of work and product that will meet or exceed the City’s standards, as well as NEC standards.
  • Our employees have great workmanship, and they take pride in the work that they do. When workers are overwhelmed with the task at hand their quality of work can be lost. We make sure to schedule the manpower that is needed for the job so that our team is never being spread too thin.
  • We have a detailed QA/QC program in place to ensure that quality control is present at each phase of the project. We have Quality Control personnel that are dedicated to ensuring that the QA/QC program is being properly executed at all times.
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Impact on Community
  • With a focus on sustainable options and solutions, we strive to do our part to make a difference in environmental impacts. We care about the future of our community and planet.
  • Check out some of the sustainable energy projects we have completed.
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  • We are always looking for new ways to avoid possible danger. Being proactive in our safety processes makes it so that our workers go home safe each night.
  • Safety is built into Taylor Electric’s culture.  Safety manuals are essential for every employee to have readily available to refer to when needed. We have several procedures in place to help prevent many different potential injuries. These procedures are strictly enforced on every jobsite, as well as back at the prefabrication shop.
  • Weekly safety meetings with assigned safety topics are mandatory for everyone. Our Safety Director, Art Anderson does periodic job visits to ensure that all safety protocol is being implemented.
  • We work closely with all parts of the project team (i.e., the general contractor) to ensure that our safety goals and procedures are in line with theirs.
  • Our overlying goal is to create a safe and worry-free workplace where injuries do not occur.

Taylor Electric is truly an exceptional company. I’ve worked with them for years and have nothing but good things to say about their professionalism, expertise and quality of work. I’ve made many lifelong friends at Taylor. They treat their employees very well. I highly recommend partnering with Taylor on your next project. I enjoy partnering with them on projects and feel strongly that they set the standard for electrical contractors in Utah.

Joe Simmons

Great company, they care about their employees and the work they do.

Journie Whaley

These guys listened and executed. This outfit was on time and ahead of schedule throughout the entire time. Very positive experience from day one… Highly recommended, add these guys to your “trusted” list.

Jimi Story

Got a Tesla wall charger installed by Taylor Electric and can’t say enough good things about the entire process. They had the best price out of all my estimates and were very friendly and professional. Rocky Mountain and EM city were making it a bit of a pain for scheduling the temporary power shutoff. There was also some confusion around permits, but Taylor Electric made sure everything went smoothly. The install itself went perfectly and looks great! Thank you Ryan and Josh for a great experience. I highly recommend these guys!

Casey Harris

Cameron is a fantastic human being. I would take him as an installer any day of the week. He did great work, going above and beyond. He deserves a raise, or a $50 Amazon gift card, or another raise and another raise and another raise. We’ll have again!

Elizabeth Grant

On time, clean, safe. Outstanding Tesla charger installed beautifully, and at a great price. Highly recommended.

Joe Skehan

They installed my Tesla wall charger, the team was highly responsive, great price and I would highly recommend them.

Nicole Hawkins