Central Utah Correctional Facility Addition

The Gunnison Prison addition added 192 beds to their existing facility. Six cell blocks surround a central control center with an upper mezzanine level. The outer walls of the facility are concrete tilt up and the cells are double bunk steel.

The electrical was roughed into the concrete tilt up before they were poured and stood. The cells utilize a Failsafe through wall fixture with a touch bolt lighting system. There were three 48 circuit lighting relay panels installed as part of the addition. The support area utilizes primarily 2 X 4 lay-in fixtures. In addition, a large chapel was added with 86 recessed cans and 20 wall sconce fixtures controlled via a dimming panel. The bed addition included four 125 amp / 480-volt heat vent evaporative coolers.

Project Details

  • Duration of Project: 12 Months
  • Estimator & Project Manager: Marty Andrus
  • Foreman: Cameron Murphy