Federal Bureau of Investigations: Federal Government Office

The new 166,000 square foot building for the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a four story building. The project also included a 123,000 square foot parking structure. A sally port provided secure connection from transport vehicles to secure areas. An annex building provides for vehicle maintenance. Besides offices, conference rooms and work areas, the building has holding cells, and witness interrogation rooms. A vault was provided for the armory. A guard house at the entrance to the parking lot controls access and has control of the instant pup-up vehicle barriers. The secure areas include anti-eavesdropping measures.

Project Details

  • Location: 5425 W Amelia Earhart Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84116
  • Size: $4,300,000
  • Delivery Type: Plan/Spec
  • Contact Name: Will Rushing
  • Phone Number: 770-225-1900
  • Estimator & Project Manager: Rick Gourde
  • Foreman: Eddie Pace
  • Date of Completion: March 2013
  • Contracting Company: VCC Construction