West Wendover Elementary

Project Details

Date of Completion: September 2016
Contract Amount: $2,212,800
Contracting Company: Ascent Construction

Estimator & Project Manager: Richard Harris
Foreman: Tom Hansen

West Wendover Elementary is a new 100,000 sq. ft, 2-story elementary school. It was built in 12 months. Along with all of the lighting in the school, Taylor Electric was responsible for one mile
of city street lighting leading to the school. All systems were installed including Fire Alarm, Voice/ Data, Paging, A/V, and Clock. This project had a mix of masonry and steel framing. The elementary school has a large gym that is separated from the cafeteria with a removable wall. With the location of this project being in Wendover, the main challenge was being prepared. Pre-planning was a daily essential. Tom Hansen did a great job at ensuring that the right material and equipment would be ready on-site at all times.

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