Vista Outdoor

Project Details

Date of Completion: June 2016
Contract Amount: $1,500,000
Contracting Company: Marsala & Co.

Estimator & Project Manager: Sheldon Dale
Foreman: Kevin Van Uitert

Vista Outdoors is relocating their corporate headquarters to Farmington, UT. Surrounded by the beautiful mountain scenery, this is the perfect location for Vista Outdoors and their mission to bring the world outside. This new office building is 35,000 square feet with two floors. It is equipt with a 1200 amp service as well as a 350 kilowatt natural gas generator to be used for backup. One of the most unique aspects of this building is the living wall. The living wall is located in the entry way and it covers two stories. To keep the wall watered, we have installed a water pump.

All of the lighting throughout the building is LED. The chandelier and pendants were built in Europe and it took over 16 weeks to build and ship them.

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