Utah Valley University: Pope Science Building

This three story, 160,000 square foot building is nestled in the middle of west end of campus. It encompasses the existing corridor connecting the Liberal Arts and Pope Science Buildings. The new science building provides 41 first-class laboratories, 23 high-tech classrooms, 59 well-appointed offices as well as a 450 Seat Auditorium. A rooftop greenhouse tops the building. The specialty labs include genetics lab, biotechnology labs and cadaver labs. Each laboratory is wrapped with aluminum surface raceway and has countertop outlets and data ports providing easily accessible connection. Surgical lighting and other specialty task lighting is provided throughout the labs. The classrooms included a top of the line AV system which controls the lighting, project and screen at the single touch of a button. The auditorium seating provides power and data connections. The lighting was indirect recessed fixtures controlled by occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting sensors. The building is powered by two 2,000 KVA transformers feeding 4,000A 480/277V and 4,000A 208/120V services. The project included the reconfiguration of the existing 15KV power distribution loops. This created three separate and distinct loops. Each loop can be interconnected providing for redundancy as well as allowing for maintenance to be performed with minimal down time. This large and very complex building was completed in a staggering 19 months from award of contract.

Project Details

  • Location: 800 W University Pkwy, Orem, UT 84058
  • Size: $4,900,000
  • Owner: Utah Valley University
  • Estimator & Project Manager: Chris Joyal
  • Foreman: Ben Patrick
  • Date of Completion: March 2012
  • Contracting Company: Big-D Construction