University of Utah: Maxwell Wintrobe Research Building

Project Details

Location: 26 N Medical Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84112
Owner: University of Utah
Date of Completion: August 2010
Contract Amount: $ 1,100,000
Contracting Company: Jacobsen Construction

Contact Name: Heather Soderquist
Phone Number: 801-973-0500
Estimator & Project Manager: Jeff Otto
Foreman: Cameron Murphy
Delivery Type: Design/ Assist

This project included upgrades on the entire building and extensive improvements on four specific floors. The building remained operational throughout the duration of the project. Shutdowns were carefully scheduled to minimize the affect on staff and students. A new 2500A 480V Service was installed for normal power. The Emergency System was upgraded to 800A 480V from the existing Central Plant. New distribution switchboards and branch panels were installed throughout the building. The project also included the complete renovation of three levels of labs. The labs received state-of-the art upgrades in power and systems.

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