The Summit: Snowbird’s Hidden Peak

Project Details

Location9385 S Snowbird Center Dr, Snowbird, UT 84092
Date of Completion: December 2016

Contracting Company: Layton Construction
Project Manager
: Christopher Joyal

The Summit is adjacent to the tram tower at the top of Hidden Peak at Snowbird Resort. This 23,000 square foot facility houses an upscale cafeteria-style restaurant. The full commercial kitchen is located in the basement with serving and dining areas being located on the first and second levels. The interior dining area can accommodate up to 400 guests within its two-story design. The High-Volume, Low-speed fans (by Big-Ass Fans) were installed at the 30’ tall ceilings. In addition to the luminous interior, a 10,000 square-foot deck provides additional outdoor seating on bluebird days. It is also lighted for evening use. The LED light poles can be dimmed to set light levels to match the event. They will also be set to reduce light pollution. Year-round services at The Summit also include restrooms facilities, retail outlet and a guest service kiosk. The second level of The Summit and adjacent outdoor decks are available for private functions, group meetings and weddings. Intricate lighting control system allows the LED lighting to be set at the appropriate levels for the function.

The project has a 1200A 480V 3Phase service. A 250KW Generator provide emergency power for both life safety and critical equipment. We provided power and connections to a complete micro water plant in the basement mechanical room to provide potable water to the facility. An electric fire pump was required.

The project is unique due to its location. Construction on the top of an 11,000’ peak posed several logistical issues for man and material. The crews arrived at the site via the tram except for when it was down for maintenance. While the tram was being maintained, the crews rode the Peruvian Gulch high speed quad chair lift, then were ferried through the snow in snow cats to the peak. This trip would take about an hour each direction.

Materials were delivered to the site by the tram, or articulating 6X6 2.5 ton trucks or helicopter. The tram took the majority of the small, incidental materials. The large trucks carried the large equipment and pallets to site up a steep narrow switchback dirt path. At times the turns were so tight, not even a pick up could make the switchback. The trucks would have to back up or down to the next switchback. There were several of these tight turns along the 75 min drive from Snowbird Center to the site in the large haul trucks. The helicopter was used early in the spring when the mountain path was blocked by snow. Even with receiving less snow than typical the winter prior, Snow cats still had be to used to clear the snow to get the mountain road open in early June.

The weather at 11,000 feet elevation can be quite unpredictable. We had to work through high winds, driving rain, lightning and snow storms. Several times the project was closed temporarily due to safety concerns during these conditions. The project illustrates that we can do difficult things in difficult locations.

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