Storage Craft

Project Details

Location: 380 Data Drive #300, Draper, UT 84020
Date of Completion: August 2015
Contract Amount: $ 2,150,000
Contracting Company: Jacobsen Construction

Contact Name: Scott McCarty
Phone Number: 801-973-0500
Estimator & Project Manager: Kevin Smith

Storage Craft is a 120,000 sf tenant located in building 1 at Draper Pointe in Draper Utah. This project was a complete build out of the entire 5 story building for Storage Craft. Some of the amenities of this building include a full gym, café, training room, board rooms, private and open office, and server rooms. The Lighting system consists of linear, direct/indirect, LED lighting. The majority of the ceilings were left open, with linear or pendant style lighting hanging from the structure above, giving a very industrial, yet modern and open feel top the space. The lighting control system is fully automated, and utilizes day light harvesting, to provide the optimal amount of light during any time of the day. This clients electrical system is backed up with a 1250KW generator, and all server rooms are protected by a 160KW UPS system, ensuring operation under any conditions, 24/7.

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