Farmington High School

Project Details

Location: 548 W Glovers Ln, Farmington, UT 84025

Date of Completion: May 2018
Contract Amount: $ 8,600,000
Contracting Company: Hogan and Associates 

Farmington High School is the first of its kind in Utah and one of the largest high schools in the state. This facility is housed on a 46 acre site and boasts an impressive 405,000 square feet. This school will be home to over 2,000 students. The building is powered by (2) 3,000 amp 480 volt services centrally located in heart of the facility. The LED lighting and lighting control in this facility is state of the art, designed to adjust with the level of natural light brought in from the vast number of windows that makeup the exterior envelope of the building. Athletic areas, to instrumental, art, Choral, educational, commons areas are all fully adjustable to provide just the right amount of light to meet the specific function of learning space. Technology throughout the space is second to none, providing teachers and students the ability to utilize the most technologically advanced teaching and learning available in the learning industry today. Matt Smith, with the help of his entire crew, was able to deliver this project on time, while providing the most professional electrical installation you will find anywhere.


This school feels more like a college campus with flexible classrooms and collaborative spaces spread across 2 floors in the southeast and southwest wings. Classrooms are set up in small learning suites with a small lobby with tables and chairs where students can be broken into smaller groups to create a more intimate learning experience. The architectural feel of this building is such that the building is meant to play of the feel of the Farmington bay and its natural surroundings. The exterior colors of blue and yellow that are meant to match the colors of the bay, as well as the golden vegetation surrounding it, and the metal panels that front the vast southern facing window system are meant to mimic the reflections you would find as you gaze across Farmington Bay on a bright and sunny day. Overall, this facility provides a warm, state of the art learning experience unlike any other in the state.

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