Virtual Design Construction

Scroll down to see an example of our Virtual Design Construction in action.

At Taylor Electric we take advantage of technology and know that it is a crucial part of taking our job efficiency to the next level. This is why the Virtual Design and Construction Department (VDC) is a key factor to the success of our jobs. By working smarter, we are able to meet demanding expectations and get the job done faster. Utilization of the 3D models in the beginning helps mitigate issues before they arise throughout the electrical installation process. Visualization is key in getting the job done in the most efficient manner the first time around. Our VDC Department is responsible for:
  • PREFABRICATION – We develop 3D models for pre-construction. We recognize that prefabrication, in a controlled environment, has huge benefits. When material arrives to the job site in an installation ready state it saves us a lot on time, and labor as well. This ultimately benefits the jobs completion schedule and causes a high productivity rate onsite. We are expanding our capabilities in prefabrication. Some examples where we utilize prefabrication are specialty equipment, MC cable runs, 4 square box assemblies, and cable tray and conduit supports.
  • MATERIAL MANAGEMENT – 3D modeling constructible components provide an additional benefit that allows us to track how much material is actually needed on the job versus “guesstimating” what will be needed to complete the project. Taking advantage of this, helps to keep material waste at a minimum.
  • TRIMBLE ROBOTIC TOTAL STATION LAYOUT – Our VDC Department works hand in hand with our RTS Department. Throughout the life cycle of the job our RTS Department and VDC Department are in constant communication with the job site and each other. This allows for a more accurate and precise layout on the job of crucial components. The Robotic Total Station makes layout of floor boxes, stub ups, walls, electrical room layout as well cable tray and conduit hangers quick and easy.